Giving back

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Good Energy Giving Program

Our efforts to bring Good Energy to the world go beyond our four walls, beyond selling products and beyond our customers. Whether through food bank donations or partnering with local philanthropic efforts, our motivation comes from spreading good energy to the world both in product and in time, doing our part to make a difference in our community.  Our goal is to double overall impact by 2020.


What is the

good energy giving program?

Premier Nutrition gives back in four ways:

  • Volunteer Grants Program: Monetary donations paid to eligible nonprofits to recognize and incentivize PNC employees who volunteer.
  • Giving Company Time: Twice a year, Premier Nutrition employees volunteer together for a half-day to give back in the community. New to the program in 2018, employees are also eligible to receive four hours of paid time off to volunteer at a charity of their choice.
  • Company Led Donations: Larger grants are awarded to local charities that promote healthy lifestyles and affordable nutrition.
  • Company Matching Donations: New to the program in 2018, Premier Nutrition will match employee donations to charities of their choice.