Our giving program

Our efforts to bring Good Energy to the world go beyond our four walls, beyond selling products and beyond our customers. Whether through food bank donations, or partnering with local philanthropic efforts, our motivation comes from doing our part to make a difference in our community. Since 2017 we’ve donated over $1,000,000 to local charities and since 2020 we’ve donated over 289,000 cases of product to food banks and other non-profits.


Annual donations

Each year employees nominate and vote on local charities to receive donations that align with our purpose, culture and community. For the past five years, PNC has been named one of the top 100 Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists by the San Francisco Business Times.


Supporting YOUR causes

We encourage employees to donate their own time and money to non-profits that matter to them. We match  employee donations dollar-for-dollar AND make an additional donation for each hour they volunteer.


Company give back days

Twice a year we leave our desks to gather for all-employee volunteer days with individual departments holding additional service days throughout the year.

“When you put good energy out into the world, you get good energy back.”
— Steve Fishel, Facilities Coordinator and Marketing Assistant

Building smart solutions

Bringing Good Energy to the world and supporting healthy communities includes working towards lessening our environmental footprint. Through packaging choices and supplier partnerships we’re lowering our GHG footprint and reducing waste.


Renewable energy

The bottles and cartons used to package our protein shakes are manufactured with renewable energy.  Now that’s good energy.



The red caps on our 11oz shake cartons contain plastic made from sugarcane. By utilizing sugarcane, which is a renewable resource, we’re reducing our global CO2 emissions versus using  plastic made from fossil-fuel based materials.