A people-first culture.

Two Premier Nutrition employees at a desk in front of a computer. They are both smiling.

We live in the “and.”

At PNC, we prioritize performance AND kindness, empathy AND accountability, stretch goals AND a sense of belonging.

Our Values

Our values define how we show up at work, and in our communities, to achieve our ambitious goals.

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Be a builder

The status quo doesn’t live here. We constantly strive for better ways to solve challenges to make big leaps forward.

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Play to win

We are motivated by our stretch goals. Our competitive spirit drives everyone to work and play hard as a team.

Connect and belong

All are welcome and all belong here. We ensure all voices are heard and we believe diverse perspectives lead to better results.

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Ring the bell

The bell in our office reminds us to celebrate often and recognize people across the organization. We show appreciation for both effort and achievement.

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Pay it forward

We are committed as a company to giving back, making our communities stronger and protecting our planet.

We walk the talk.

All companies talk culture, but we live it. From our Good Energy Academy, where we discuss our purpose and values, to events led by our volunteer Good Energy Team, everyone is empowered to lead and contribute.

We bring our regenerative culture to life.

We believe that winning companies with amazing people and a thriving culture attract and retain top talent. It builds a cycle of culture that’s self-reinforcing, or what we call a regenerative culture.

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Our giving program.

Our efforts to bring Good Energy to the world go beyond our four walls, beyond selling products, and beyond our customers. Whether through food bank donations, or partnering with local philanthropic efforts, our motivation comes from doing our part to make a difference in our community. Since 2017, we’ve donated over $1,250,000 to local charities and since 2020, we’ve donated over 289,000 cases of product to food banks and other non-profits.

Three Premier Nutrition employees at a volunteer day.

Annual donations

Each year, employees nominate and vote on local charities to receive donations that align with our purpose, culture, and community. For the past six years, PNC has been named one of the top 100 Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists by the San Francisco Business Times.

A Premier Nutrition employee at a volunteer day.

Supporting YOUR causes

We encourage employees to donate their own time and money to non-profits that matter to them. We match  employee donations dollar-for-dollar AND make an additional donation for each hour they volunteer.

Two Premier Nutrition employees at a volunteer day.

Company give back days

Twice a year we leave our desks to gather for employee volunteer days with individual departments holding additional service days throughout the year.