We feel like we belong.

Five employees of Premier Nutrition in a meeting room.

There is no “one way” to be here...

…other than someone who believes in bringing good energy to their work every day. If that means bringing your dog to a meeting or sitting in a bean bag chair with your laptop, we want you to feel exactly like you at work.

Quarterly Builders’ Workshops motivate and inspire us with innovative perspectives while people leaders participate in monthly leadership trainings to develop their skills. Programs like these have led to PNC being certified as a Great Place to Work® for seven years running.

An employee working at the Premier Nutrition office. They are on a beanbag chair, wearing headphones and typing on their laptop.

Feeling engaged and empowered in a people-first culture.

It’s about attracting the best people and giving them the space to be challenged without boundaries—all with the goal of producing the best work of your life alongside amazing colleagues (who may just be your friends too).

Our leaders.

  • A headshot of Darcy Horn Davenport
    Darcy Horn Davenport
    President & CEO
  • A headshot of Doug Cornille
    Doug Cornille
    Chief Growth Officer
  • A headshot of Karen Jobb
    Karen Jobb
    Senior Vice President of Sales and E-Commerce Sales
  • A headshot of Marc Mollere
    Marc Mollere
    Senior Vice President/General Manager - International
  • A headshot of Robin Singh
    Robin Singh
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • A headshot of Ching-Yee Hu
    Ching-Yee Hu
    Senior Vice President, Research & Innovation
  • A headshot of Kathleen Beckert
    Kathleen Beckert
    Vice President of Finance and Accounting
  • A headshot of Brian Hofmeister
    Brian Hofmeister
    Vice President of Information Technology
  • A headshot of Eric Hunn
    Eric Hunn
    Senior Vice President of People